101 in 1001 Challenge

I love a good challenge. I’m forever pinning those 30-day squat challenges to my designated 30-day-challenge board and promising myself that I’ll start them… on Monday. Or at the start of the month. Or the end of the month. Spoiler alert – I still haven’t done a 30-day squat challenge. I’m not sure I’d fit into my leggings if my behind got any bigger.

Then I stumbled across the 101 in 1001 challenge. I was intrigued, because you get to set your own little goals and tick them off and I like ticking stuff off, okay? I’m the sort of person who’ll write something I’ve already done on my to-do list and tick it off just to feel a bit mighty. Anyone else?

The 101 in 1001 challenge is essentially this: set yourself 101 little goals, tasks, activities, anything you like! You’ve got 1001 days to finish off your list – this works out as about 3 years ish (I haven’t looked at a calculator and am horrendous at maths so please correct me if I’m wrong…!) which is a nice long stretch of time for me to procrastinate with!

I’ve chosen a mix of important and silly tasks and challenges and goals for my 1001 days – let me know your favourite frivolous ones!

I’ll be updating this post as I go along – and sharing it to my Twitter every week or so, so you can see how I’m getting on! This isn’t a tag, but TAG you’re it – I’d LOVE to read some other bloggers’ 101 in 1001 challenges! Without further ado, here we go!

101 things in 1,001 days


  1. Get a puppy! COMPLETED 17/5/17 – I brought Amber home!
  2. Learn to drive.
  3. Buy a car.
  4. Hold a tarantula.
  5. Read 50 Shades of Grey – I must be the only person who hasn’t yet!
  6. Have a Disney movie marathon.
  7. Make a new friend (my DMs are open for friendship applications…).
  8. Vlog a day in my life on Instagram Stories!
  9. Take puppy to obedience classes.
  10. Visit a canine café.
  11. Buy an Xbox 1 because DEAD RISING 4.
  12. Get my eyebrows waxed. COMPLETED – and I didn’t cry like a baby!
  13. Finish Dead Rising 2 on my Xbox without screaming/wetting myself.
  14. Learn to do the splits!
  15. Drink the right amount of water every day for a month.
  16. Lose 1.5 stone! I’ve ballooned somewhat over the last year and I’m not keen.
  17. Start & finish the new Zelda game on Wii U.
  18. Finish any Pokémon game on my DS.
  19. Play Animal Crossing!
  20. Complete a Sims 4 Challenge (look them up, I’m addicted!).
  21. Get the disneylife app and watch every movie I can!
  22. Get a massage (oo-er).
  23. Read 100 books (I should smash this one!).
  24. Save some money every day for a month & treat myself with what I save.
  25. Start a journal, bullet or otherwise.
  26. Take a fashion risk (not wearing a bra counts as a risk, right…?).
  27. Go to a fitness class.
  28. Go to a dance class.
  29. Clear out my entire wardrobe, millions of coats included.
  30. Buy a whole new wardrobe that actually fits/suits me…
  31. Complete a colouring book!
  32. Finish one of those pesky 30 day challenges…
  33. Have a hair makeover!
  34. Get a wash & blow dry every few months.
  35. Finish reading Battle Royale.
  36. Have a tech-free day.
  37. Blog every day for a month!
  38. Post twice on Instagram every day for a week & blog the results!
  39. Go to Disneyland Paris!
  40. Decorate my bedroom.
  41. Get a hairless rat.
  42. Go to Center Parcs!
  43. Come off my antidepressants.
  44. Go on a date!
  45. Have a no-spend month.
  46. Cook a new meal every day for a week.
  47. Learn how to do a cut crease properly without looking like an unskilled drag queen.
  48. Find a new hobby!
  49. Improve my photography.
  50. Collect all of the Disney city tsum tsum sets…
  51. Go to the cinema by myself.
  52. Cook a three course  meal for my family.
  53. Have a birthday party!
  54. Have a beach day!
  55. Grow some plants in my garden.
  56. Graduate!
  57. Graduate my Masters!
  58. See Wicked in the West End.
  59. Get a fitbit type thingy. COMPLETED – but I don’t know how to work the bugger.
  60. Have a London holiday.
  61. Make money on eBay!
  62. Maintain a fake tan for a whole month & blog the process.
  63. Go back to singing lessons.
  64. Do another musical theatre exam!
  65. Go abroad for the first time!
  66. Have a barbecue in my new garden with my family.
  67. Get a promotion/more responsibilities at work!
  68. Exercise every day for a month.
  69. Take a selfie every day for a month & blog the process.
  70. Give up going out for food for a month.
  71. Start a savings account and put aside a little bit every month.
  72. Create a skincare routine – and stick to it!
  73. Go cruelty free with all my makeup, hair and skincare products.
  74. Tweet something nice to someone every week.
  75. Go to a hen do!
  76. Go for a jog round a park without being mortified.
  77. Sing in public.
  78. Dedicate an hour a day to tidying up and organising.
  79. Build a space for my pets in the spare room – my house looks like a pet shop…
  80. Find the beach I loved from Cornwall. Or was it Wales? I can’t remember. Find it anyway.
  81. Swim in the sea.
  82. Sort out who I’m subscribed to on YouTube & unsubscribe from anyone I don’t watch (this might take years…)!
  83. Have a photoshoot done without making audible panic sounds when smiling.
  84. Get a pedicure.
  85. Grow my nails and get gels to keep them pretty!
  86. Write a post about my blogging goals.
  87. Find a bra that actually fits me.
  88. Monitor my mental health every day for a month.
  89. Learn how to swim!
  90. Get a swimming costume that makes me feel bangin’.
  91. Go to a petting zoo!
  92. Start a photo album of my twenties. I can’t wait to look back on it!
  93. Have a day out in Newcastle with my Dad. It’s my favourite tradition.
  94. Go to a car boot sale. I loved these when I was little!
  95. Stretch every day for a month.
  96. Keep a diary that I’ll actually use and not just put cute stickers in…
  97. House train my puppy (not loving little wees all over my bed…).
  98. Take better care of my body – lotion & body butter, I’m coming for you!
  99. Try every Lush bath bomb.
  100. Display and expand my Disney collection!
  101. Work on my anger and stress levels!

So there we go – kudos if you’re reading this far down! These are my goals for the next couple of years. Let’s see if I can stick to any of them, shall we…?! Follow me on Twitter for updates at @little_budget!

2016 Favourites

Well hello there, 2017! Here’s hoping you’ll be less hideous than your predecessor.
I’ve been busying myself these past couple of days sorting out my Christmas presents, drinking excessive amounts of Shloer and trying desperately to burn the last of my Christmas candles (I failed. Miserably).

I’ve been reminiscing on 2016 this week – here’s some nice things that happened to me – and I fancied doing another lil post.

I’ve been having a think about some of my favourite stuff from 2016. I might venture into a lil beauty-themed version of this post, but for now: this is just stuff I’ve loved in 2016. Let’s go!


Whether it’s copper wire baskets, gold baubles on my Christmas tree or these gorgeous rose gold ankle boots, I’ve loved everything metallic this year. I may as well turn into a robot just so I could be made of copper. #goals.

Dr PawPaw
Right, I don’t know who Dr PawPaw is but I love him/her/them because this stuff does EVERYTHING. My lips have never been so moisturised and pretty and soft; my cuticles are joyful and it’s done a great job of tackling any dry skin patches. Hallelujah.

My Dad Wrote A Porno
This x-rated podcast does what it says on the tin. Jamie’s dad (under the porn pseudonym Rocky Flinstone) has written a series of incredibly dubious erotic novels, which are read out with hilarious commentary by Jamie and his friends James and Alice. I want to be best friends with all of them immediately. This podcast is genius – just don’t listen to it in public or you’ll embarrass yourself shrieking in horror/hilarity on the bus.

Okay but have you got a makeup bag with your blog name on?! Thanks so much to Lucy and Kate for this amazing Christmas present that has literally made my entire year.

Tsum Tsums
I accidentally started collecting these cuties. I swear it was an accident. I can’t stop. Someone send help.

I just want everything to sparkle, okay? Whether it’s my highlight, eyeshadow or the amazing L’Oreal Colour Riche lipsticks with ACTUAL GOLD SPARKLE, you better believe I’ve been a right little glitterball this year.

What were your faves of 2016? Let me know on Twitter @little_budget, and hit me up on bloglovin so you don’t miss any new posts!

2016 Wasn’t All Bad, Was It?

What a truly hideous year 2016 has been. We’ve lost idols and icons (and one of my absolute favourite actresses/women/badasses Carrie Fisher – what a legend she was!) and a certain Orange One has been elected as the President of the United States…

But 2016 wasn’t all bad! Looking back, it’s been a pretty good year for me. Here’s 5 reasons why…


  1. I bought a house! If you’ve been wondering where on earth I am and if I’ve given up on my blog entirely, fear not – I’ve been up to my elbows in paint and tiles and cutlery as I stagger about through adulthood. Me and my zoo (two bunnies, six rats) are happily installed chez Sally, with only one or two minor emergencies (such as the time when my house alarm went off at 1am, and I was physically unable to switch it off for a good half hour. Amazing).
  2. I got a job at the Disney Store! As someone who *gasp* actually enjoys working in retail (it’s the managers that usually scare me off), this has actually put the cherry on top of my year. I LOVE my job: dishing out stickers, stacking teddies and totally not singing along to “Be Our Guest” on the sound system.
  3. I adopted pets! This year have seen me add two bunnies to my family – Paul and Piper, who are super loved-up and make me laugh when they’re haring (pun intended) round the garden or engaging in a Battle Royale-type scenario if I give them a slice of carrot. This year I said sad goodbyes to my four ‘original’ rats (Generation 1, as I now affectionately call them), but welcomed more little squeaky creatures into my house. I started with 4 and now have 6, when I couldn’t resist some rescues in my local pet shop!
  4. I got some serious job satisfaction! I teach at a weekend performing arts school, and this year saw my amazing students get their best exam results EVER. If I can remember rightly, we got the best marks in the North of England! Get in.
  5. I got a first in my second year at uni! Education is extremely important to me: I never take it for granted even when I’m viciously procrastinating and playing the Sims 4 instead of working on my dissertation. Ya girl was super pleased with her results this year.

And of course, there’s my amazing readers, and the gorgeous blogger community on Twitter who’ve always got my back. Thanks for making my year!

Let me know something amazing that happened to you this year! Hit me up on Twitter and follow me on bloglovin so we can have a lil catch up. Speak soon!

5 October Favourites

Okay, so where did October go?! I’ve spent this month in a work-centred fog (you’re reading the innermost thoughts of a Disney Cast Member now, don’t’cha know?!) and have just now got two seconds to sit down and have a think about my favourites of October. Here they are!

Drag Queens. Yes gawd; RuPaul and his army of fabulous queens have cheered me up no end this month. Not only did I get to binge-watch my babe Katya in All Stars 2, but I booked tickets to meet Trixie Mattel in November. Come throuuuugh!

ALL the glitter. Probably something to do with a combination of the aforementioned drag queens and Halloween; I’ve been loving glitter this month. Glitter eyeshadow has become an everyday staple, and I’ve been experimenting with a suuuper shimmery highlight.


Primark. My favourite haunt has really stepped up their game this month! My 22nd birthday found me forking out all of my birthday money on slouchy slogan jumpers (this “Do More Of What Makes You Happy” print is so cute!), long-sleeved dresses, boots and scarves. Just gorgeous – bring me ALL of the baby pink!

Online shopping. eBay and AliExpress are getting more of my custom than the local Tesco. I’ve been picking up unbranded palettes and makeup brushes like my life depends on it (and I might have picked up a couple of liquid lipsticks VERY similar to a certain Miss Jenner’s…).

Reading. A combination of depression and work have kept me from my book collection lately, but I’ve managed to find a little chunk of time before bed to relax and escape to another world. I’ve just finished Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell and was pleasantly surprised, but next on the list are definitely some zombie thrillers. Ya girl loves her zombies!

What have you loved this month? Hit me up on twitter @little_budget or do me a lil favour and follow me on bloglovin. Speak soon!